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How Often Should You Service A Watch?

How often should a watch be serviced?

We get this question so much .. ” When should i service my Rolex? ” or ” How often do i need my watch serviced?

If your not a big reader heres the short answer – Every 5 years..

Everyone has a different opinion on this, but there is a rough time frame which comes up when asking different companies.

I’ve had watches myself for much longer than 5 years and never had them serviced …..they’ve run fine. Also i’ve had almost new watches go wrong within a very short amount of time (Although this is rare). My point is there is no rhyme or reason with watch servicing & thats why you will find everyone has a slightly different opinion.

We believe its best to keep track of how your watch is keeping time, if its running fine use the saying – ‘If its not broke don’t fix it!

At the end of the day its your watch, getting a service every few years won’t harm the watch, although it may harm your wallet! Lets say you have a Rolex, and (depending on the model) its £400 to service it, you don’t have to service it many times for the service bill to add up to close to what the watch may be worth.

We just read a blog by a watch repairer who put his dads 35 odd year old rolex to the test (which was last serviced around 25 years ago), when it was put on the machine it showed it was running fine which is crazy. Thats a extreme example and a service on that watch wouldn’t hurt, its just to show you your watch won’t self destruct if you don’t have it serviced on a set time. Full blog post here (well worth a read as more detailed than this short blog!) –


What do you do if your watch is not keeping time?? ..

We will happily look (and any repairer should) at any watch and give a free quote to repair it, whether it needs a full service, a part or an adjustment. We’d take the watch in, the watch workshop would find the problem and give us a quote to fix it, then we’d contact you with the quote and its up to you whether you want the work done or not. Simple.

So there it is, a very short understanding of how often you should get your watch serviced. Hope it helped!

Any other questions you have regarding watch repairs / servicing contact me & i’d be happy to help!