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Not your everyday dial – Serti Dials

The term ‘Serti’ dial comes from the French word ‘Sertir’ which means ‘to set’. When Rolex use the term ‘Serti’ dial they could be referring to any gem set dial, but amongst Rolex dealers and collectors we generally us the term ‘Serti’ dial when talking about the diamond dial found in the Rolex Submariner & […]

Hot Watch – Rolex Daytona ‘Patrizzi’

The Rolex Daytona has to be one of the hottest watches over the past years with current models fetching over twice the Rolex RRP on the pre-owned market.  Add to that quirks such as the Zenith movement run from the late 1980’s to the year 2000, the Patrizzi dial which we’re covering in this post […]

Is It Time You Invested In Watches?

Are watches a good investment? First of all, you need to establish what your objectives are. We have a lot of customers now that will ask “is this watch a good investment” .. most of the time we can honestly answer yes! If your looking for something you like the look or functionality of, go […]

Introducing The Newly Released Rolex Sky-Dweller 326934

All Rolex fans knew the new Sky-Dweller releases was going to create some demand but we didn’t expect this much demand! First of all, yes… We managed to get our hands on one & its sitting here now in stock, so if your reading this because your looking for one pick up the phone quick […]

Video Blog – Short Intro To WatchWinders

What is a watch winder? Why buy one? Watch the video below to find out! The purpose of a watch winder is to keep your automatic watch working while your not wearing it. Once you put your watch in the winder, it will rotate to simulate having the watch on your arm, this will keep […]

Video Blog – Talking engagement rings and finger sizes

So your about to purchase a engagement ring, but how do you make sure the finger size is right so it fits? This is a good question and why we decided to do a very short video on it..    

Video Blog – Setting The Time On A Rolex Datejust, Day-Date, Daytona & GMT

Below are videos for setting the time on a Rolex Datejust, Day-Date, Daytona & GMT. Click on the appropriate video relevant to the model of Rolex you have. IMPORTANT – Make sure once you have set the time on your rolex, ensure your winder is done back up securely.. See video at bottom of the […]

How Often Should You Service A Watch?

How often should a watch be serviced? We get this question so much .. ” When should i service my Rolex? ” or ” How often do i need my watch serviced? ” If your not a big reader heres the short answer – Every 5 years.. Everyone has a different opinion on this, but […]

Engagement ring buyers guide

Looking to purchase an engagement ring? There is a lot to consider when finding the perfect ring, but too much homework can lead to information overload !! We’ve made this short guide to help you choose the perfect ring, however we have done our best to keep things simple. This guide is wordy (after all […]

New Website – Updates

So we decided it was about time to get all of our stock online & featured in a online shop, so here it is! On our updated website you can now browse through our stock. Please note at first all of our products will not be featured on the site so please contact us if […]