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Introducing The Newly Released Rolex Sky-Dweller 326934

All Rolex fans knew the new Sky-Dweller releases was going to create some demand but we didn’t expect this much demand!

First of all, yes… We managed to get our hands on one & its sitting here now in stock, so if your reading this because your looking for one pick up the phone quick and you may just catch it.

A brief overview of the Rolex Sky-Dweller

The Rolex Sky-Dweller was first introduced in 2012, so is a fairly new model to the Rolex family. When released it was – & still is at the time of writing this article – the most complicated modern watch produced by Rolex.

The Sky-Dweller is powered by a movement which was specifically designed for this watch: The calibre 9001. The functions on the watch include the standard hours / minutes & date but also include a 24 hour display, second time zone & an impressive month display via 12 apertures around the dial (the white boxes next to the hour markers with the current month showing a red marker)

Previously the Rolex Sky-Dweller was only available in precious metals – Yellow, Rose or White gold.

UK demand 

We was told from a Rolex source that that the UK interest for the newly released was 30% higher than expected global interest! Which in turn means getting your hands on one in the UK any time soon looks unlikely.

How much will one cost you?

From Rolex, £10,600

From a independent watch shop – at the time of writing this article – they are priced between £18,000 – £20,000. One major online watch shop the other day said “we are only considering offers over 20k”


Why not just go and buy one for £10,600

Theres always a but! You can go and buy this model from Rolex directly for £10,600, as long as one arrives before the Rolex RRP increases, which is highly unlikely (id say more impossible). When one finally comes – whenever that may be – you will get a phone call and be asked for payment of whatever the latest Rolex RRP is.

We’ve heard  years+ wait, also people have been rejected when trying to put their name on the waiting list. To be honest we think the agents aren’t too sure themselves yet regarding wait times which is understandable, most UK agents haven’t even received one yet!

Final thoughts 

This model comes with either Blue, White or Black dial . The steel & gold version (model no. 326933) which was also newly released along side this model comes with either Gold, White or Black dial.

The demand on this model is shown by the +30% interest from the UK market than expected worldwide. We love this model, it looks and feels amazing in the flesh. We can honestly understand where the interest in this watch has come from.

This model is getting a big thumbs up from the team at Colebys